Open Democracy Now au Civic Tech Fest à Taiwan !

14 Septembre 2017 TAF innovation base, Taipei Inscription

Open Democracy Now au Civic Tech Fest à Taiwan !

This a Civic Tech Fest side event. Remember to check out the whole festival, lots of cool event during the whole week.

Civic tech is still a fairly new practice, even though we all work in different socio economical and political local contexts it seems the challenges we face are similar. Be it scaling to reach more people, making accessible to every one or even sometimes just having impact on the decision that is taken, those challenges are numerous. That’s why we wanted to take advantage of the global gathering that is the Civic Tech Fest to organize a creative workshop to identify those challenges and work on solutions together.

Help us identify those challenges by participating in this conversation. The event format is Barcamp which is an open, participatory workshop-event, the content of which is provided by participants. We will split up in small interdisciplinary groups and make the best use of design thinking pratices to make sure we are able to work on prototype solutions and pitch results at the end of the event.

**Si vous souhaitez participer, n’oubliez pas de vous inscrire sur Eventbrite